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《Drawing Nature素描手绘教程-手绘自然风景教程》(Drawing Nature) 英文 Ebook



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中文名Drawing Nature素描手绘教程-手绘自然风景教程
英文名Drawing Nature
别名Drawing Nature素描手绘教程-手绘自然风景教程
版本 英文 Ebook

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一是,手绘是最容易学的。 因为任何一门学科都有其自身的规律性,抓住规律性,才是学习的根本,手绘真的不难,其实就是四个字“比例、透视”。
我说:“手绘是最容易学的,手绘是最难学的!”"手绘"的提高,不是"一朝一夕"就可以学好的,除了勤奋和努力之外,是没任何"灵丹妙药"的!要想学好手绘这门学科,还是要先打好基础,基础是关键,要学会“走”并要走得“稳”,然后再去想“跑”想“飞”—— 还有许多学生问:我也天天在画,为什么总画不好(或没感觉)? 大路老师有一句十分经典的话,说的很准确:原因有两点:一是没用“心”去画,二是画的数量不够! 我很赞同大路的话。
首先,你必须懂得每一种做图的原理和方法,如果你把原理搞懂了,画完A3,A4的复印纸各一包,能有2/3可以拿出来给别人看而自己不脸红的时候,你未来的路也就宽了——虽然和大路说的角度不同,但意思是完全一样的—— 那么,什么是手绘?它的真正意义又是什么? 手绘,个人的理解是:通过手工绘画完成某种结果的绘制过程。是一个过程。 我们现在通常所讲的“手绘”实际上是一种简化了的概念化语言?!笆夷谏杓平ㄖ只妗笔且桓龃蟮母拍?!
“手绘”可以划分为两个部分:传统手绘和现代手绘。把现代手绘定位在“现代室内设计实用手绘”上。 划分的目的,是便于理解,便于掌握,便于有针对性的学习!因为两者的表达方式、表达工具、色彩应用都完全的不同了(关键是画图的时间),“传统手绘”讲究的是:准确、细致、全面、完整! “现代手绘”讲求的是:精炼、简洁、快速、生动! “现代手绘”必须以“传统手绘”做基??!那是我们“起跑”和“腾飞”的基石——- 万丈高楼平地起。




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《Drawing Nature》 素描手绘教程:
Drawing Nature
by Stanley Maltzman

With enthusiasm and skill, artist Stanley Maltzman shows you how to turn nature's inspiration into pencil and charcoal drawings that have the expressiveness and power of paintings.

You'll learn how to choose your subject wisely, plan your drawing's format and style to express your feelings, and improvise to capture the mood of the moment.

You'll find out how to build depth and focus, and how to use specific techniques--such as circular shading, angular buildup, crosshatching and blending.

You'll see how to work with different materials and surfaces to create a variety of landscapes. And you'll get advice and instruction on rendering the basic element of outdoor scenes:

Trees-learn how to convey the character of a maple or an oak, and apple tree or a birch without showing every leaf. Let shapes tell the story.
Clouds-Maltzman introduces you to some cloud formationsthat will add strength and beauty to your compositions.
Snow-learn how to use a snowy landscape to create interesting, abstract shapes with fields, trees, houses and winding roads
Plus barns, grass, rocks, water, stone walls, ponds and more
You'll see how to go beyond photographic imitation to create original, powerful art...drawn for the love of drawing, inspired by the beauty of nature.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Drawing Tools and Equipment
Chapter 2 - Getting the Most From Your Pencil
Chapter 3 - Composing Your Picture
Chapter 4 - Trees
Chapter 5 - Clouds
Chapter 6 - Snow
Chapter 7 - Barns, Grass, Rocks and Water
Chapter 8 - Drawing Nature in Various Mediums
Tips on Storing and Framing Your Drawings

About the Author
Stanley Maltzman is a naturalist artist whose affection for working outdoors stems from many years of living in the Hudson Valley--rich in art history and gorgeous scenery.

Maltzman's drawings have been widely exhibited in museums and galleries around the country, including the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the National Academy of Design, the Capricorn Gallery, and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

He is a member of the Pastel Society of America and the Hudson Valley Art Association

《On Drawing Trees and Nature》 手绘自然风景教程:
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On Drawing Trees and Nature : A Classic Victorian Manual with Lessons and Examples (Dover Books on Art Instruction)
by J. D. Harding
Editorial Reviews
Book Description
This classic of art instruction is the work of James Duffield Harding, who served as drawing master and sketching companion to the great 19th-century art critic John Ruskin. Highlights include:
? Direct reproduction of Harding's chalk and lead pencil sketches of vignettes from natural settings
? A series of lessons emphasizing both practical and theoretical considerations
? A bonus of 23 outstanding plates from the author's Lessons on Tree

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